Graphic Patient Workflow Tool: GSoC 2015

Hi! As i mentioned in comment at project page, I want send a proposal to this project and now have some ideas to discuss. Subject is very abstract so I have a lot of interesting ideas to implement and I am ready to send demo proposal just now. How I can do that? Also I have a question(not only for @valvijo and @pascal): Can I use Java Graphics2D to implement core of Patient Workflow Tool or I’ll face with problems with using it in OpenMRS?

Hi @jq1 ,

I’m not sure if Graphics2D will work, since it’s part of AWT and I’m not sure how that would work with a web application like OpenMRS. It would probably be better to use some kind of JavaScript library for the graphics. What do you think @valvijo?

Cheers, Pascal

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Hi @jq1 and @pascal,

Unless you embed an applet in your web page, I agree that a JS library would better do the trick, it’s more natural for web applications. Cheers Valério

Hi @pascal and @valvijo,

I redesigned the entire project to using JS graphic library to draw patient workflow. Now I’m searching for good library(trying and study JSGraph and yWorks) to find better-looking and compatable solution. Please, check out my updated proposal to give more recommendations. Thank you!

Hi OpenMRS community, @pascal and @valvijo,

in the comments of my proposal page(there is copy of proposal in the personal space) on GSoC site @pascal asked me about new ideas on the project. I think it would be better to continue discussion there. I’ll be glad to see useful links and your opinions on the following:

  1. As i mentioned in proposal patient workflow consists not only of encounters stages. It also display some attributes, such as location, date, name, etc. So what attributes should be shown to user? Too much information - a bad idea from the standpoint of design and intuitive interface, because the main goal is to simplify understanding.
  2. I think it would be good to mark current encounter system which patient is passing now. From the other hand this may occurs some problems: 1) what if patient gets workflow only once?(need workflow version without marked position). 2) Would not it be too difficult(take a long time) to implement this feature?
  3. It’s necessary to create patient workflow printing feature. Of course, this can be done directly from the web-page by browser, but we need to provide user by some support with this and control process of printing(for example converting to .pdf).
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Thanks for the additional thoughts @jq1.