Google Q&A sessions to answer GSoD Organization Application Related Questions.

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Just a reminder, Google is hosting Q&A sessions via Google Hangouts to answer all the Google Season of Docs organization application-related questions today Monday 20/4/2020 at 17h00 UTC

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The Google Season of Docs Team

The meeting has just started

A summary of what aspired in GsoD Q&A session

Challenges faced by Technical writers in 2019:

  • Most of the Technical writers were not familiar with git and git commands.

  • Most of the technical writers and mentors were on different time zone which made them not to have an interactive session.

  • Lack of community prioritization in giving feedback to the Technical writers.

  • The projects appeared to be complicated due to lack of prior knowledge.

  • Some projects were extremely technical.

  • Most organizations didn’t have a style guide for their document which gave Technical writers hard time to come up with one.

Suggested solutions:

  • Communities with git projects, should help the Technical writers to get familiar with git and git commands during the bonding period.

  • Time zone: Mentor and Technical writers should find a way of having an interactive session irrespective of their time zone.

  • Community members should prioritize in giving feedback to the Technical writers where need arise.

  • The communities to come up with a beginner’s guide to help orient the Technical writers on how open source operates.

  • Extremely technical projects are discouraged since they are not achievable in a short period of time.

  • Each community to have a style guide before the GsoD season begins those lacking , Google will provide one. Recommendation:

  • Every organization to carry out a documentation audit to certain the information they have, what they don’t have and what to be improved.

  • Documentation guide should be a vailable to guide new volunteers interested in documentation.

  • While reviewing the proposals of the technical writers, two things should be looked at: The proposal should be well defined enough to fulfill the set goal and flexible enough to be achieved.

  • GsoD projects should be well balanced. A Balanced project has a good mentor and a community willing to support and retain the technical writer at the end of GSoD period.

  • Students selected for GSoC should not be selected for GSoD because of the projects overlap.

  • Technical writers are required to give 20-30hrs per week.

  • Opensource organizations are adviced to select 3-5 proposals which are well defined and run for a short period of time to attract more Technical writers especially those who are qualified and have no experience working with opensource.

  • Umbrella Organizations with many projects to be worked on to email GsoD coordinator for more support.

  • Having the project tutorials is good to guide the technical writers.

  • Try to understand people you are working with for some may not be on the same level as you are.

  • Translation projects are not enouraged since they are hard and not easily achieved There will be 2020 swag package for 2020 technical writers.


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