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Hi @hilz041 ,

I have been noticing a bunch of edits to pages which appear to be globally replacing the text “Global Properties” with “Settings (formerly Global Properties from platform 1.8 downwards)” . I assume there is a GCI task associated with this?

One suggestion I might make before you get too far down this path is to instead create a “Settings” page, that describes the purpose and use of Settings (formerly Global Properties from platform 1.8 downwards), and then everywhere you replace “Global Properties” with “Settings”, where “Settings” is actually a link to the settings page. This would seem a cleaner and more sustainable approach.

Thoughts? Mike

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@mseaton Thanks for the thought actually the approach you are suggesting is more informative than the former let me dive in to this approach.[quote=“mseaton, post:1, topic:9354”] I assume there is a GCI task associated with this? [/quote] Am not sure if there is a GCI task associated with this may be @dkayiwa will help to clarify.

@mseaton Is this in line with what you were suggesting? am also wondering why some of the snapshot illustration are breaking. Thanks

@hilz041, I think there may already be a Settings page somewhere, so we can probably re-use that from existing documentation. For example, this page:

I think this page could use to be improved, but overall it would be a page to describe what “Settings” are used for, which ones ship with OpenMRS and how they can be configured, etc. This would also be the place where you describe that the term “Setting” and “Global Property” are used interchangeably, and the term “Setting” was adopted in some application components in XYZ year, for example the “Settings” Administration page in the OpenMRS 1.x Reference Application.

Overall, though, the main thing is that you would simply link to this settings page wherever you previously were planning to rename “Global Properties” to “Settings(Formerly Global Properties…)”

Thanks, Mike

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@mseaton Thanks let me pull down the other page i had made and do the changes on the one you have suggested. Actually i had also thought so.


@mseaton Is this close enough? .

@hilz041 as per Mike’s suggestion, you need to remove the “(formerly globalProperty from platform 1.8 downwards)” text. I have also just tried out the settings link you have put and got a page not found error.

@hilz041. As @dkayiwa says, it is not yet quite right. See the changes I made to the htmlformflowsheet page following your modifications.

Did this ever get followed up on?

I was just looking at this page and it still had the “formerly Global Property …” text in it, which is quite distracting. (I removed it in this case.)

Can we clean this up? It’s distracting to see that disclaimer everywhere, and it should only be mentioned once, at the top of the Settings page.

Also, the Settings link is broken. :frowning:

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@darius I did remove most of the “Global property” text but some remained undone but the settings page i was linking up to is here the one which is broken was supposed to be deleted. You are right we need to clean up that disclaimer from most of the pages it appears. When i get some time i will revisit those pages and do some clean up. Thanks