Github not getting Reference ApplicationRA-1495

i have claimed the issue but git-hub is not displaying it. I need your help . below is the issued i claimed. Reference Application thank you.

@mumbere oh sorry! kindly the ticket has a clear description of what to be fixed and that is enough for you to continue working. Its after making the required changes on your branch that you will make the PR and attach the PR link to the ticket for easy review. Kindly does it make sense?

@jwnasambu thank you. but the issues is that its not accessible on git-hub.

Kindly help me understand this?

@jwnasambu well, i claimed the ticket and i was successful with that step. continuing to the forking step is where the git hub is not displaying the tick name to continue with forking.

Okay! Just to confirm I have understood you, you have successfully forked the project but you are unable to find the link to clone. Is that right?

@jwnasambu i haven’t forked. i copy the link and tried to search via OpenMRS git-hub to do the forking now. but the OpenMRS git-hub didn’t find any result matching with the ticket link.

Could this be of help GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-dataexchange: Enables exchanging data and metadata between OpenMRS installations

@jwnasambu well, but thought of trying

" 1. Reference Application RA-1495

with that below description Data exchange module generates invalid data when you export using concept ids

@jwnasambu thank you. the link given has crossed to the forking step. however i would like to know why my choice is not crossing to that level.

Thank you.

Kindly am not understanding your question.

@jwnasambu its okay. let me go on with this. thank you

@jwnasambu but the links given looks like its for a different ticket

The one i wanted to clone is RA-1495.

should i checkout this very RA-1495 ?