Github doesn't perform well my side need to know if i have issues with my account and the Master branch.

Hello Community, I need to know why I cant fork anymore, and how I can follow up an issue to GitHub to be able to participate. my account has no button to picking a code so i can work on it.

Hello @niyolynate Your question is not clear. Could you explain what your trying to achieve and which Openmrs Repository are you trying to fork

Hello to @abertnamanya I Tried following up the issues from the issue tab and take a github link but failed. like this one in particular [REPORT-870] Issues with processing complex XLSX templates - OpenMRS Issues needed to get its github status so i can contribute from there but failed.

then the other is when i try from git direct pic any repo, my fork icon is domant. can i work along this without it?

Hello @niyolynate was this issue sorted out?

Not Yet my Dear

Hi @niyolynate use this link it will guide you on how to use github Using Git - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki

this issue doesnt have a github repo link attached to the issue description but feel free to take a look at GitHub - openmrs/openmrs-module-reporting: Reporting module in openmrs. and the other thing, that particular issue has already been claimed by someone and a draft pull request is here REPORT-870: Fix issues with processing complex XLSX templates by pwargulak · Pull Request #229 · openmrs/openmrs-module-reporting · GitHub.

have a look see at this Fork a repo - GitHub Docs

This is Great help thanks alot @Herman

@niyolynate just incase you still need help let me know so that I can organise a call.

This is really helpful, Thanks Herman

glad to help

Hello Herman, Please invite me on Github for Openmrs Org.

cant fork because of it and the only way to get the legit link is if am a member.


what repository are you trying to fork? please send the link

i don’t think you need any invite on any openmrs repository since they are all (if not most) public.

Hello @niyolynate Please come back to this link again: Using Git - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki according to the errors you shared with me shows you haven’t added the remote repository.

Niyo Lynate@DESKTOP-CJ4LVF6 MINGW64 ~/desktop/branch1/openmrs1/openmrs-module-referencedemodata (master) $ git pull rebase upstream fatal: ‘rebase’ does not appear to be a git repository fatal: Could not read from remote repository.