Git Hub-Resolving Conflicts

So am having this scenario that am failing to resolve…I worked on a ticket that was merged but then there are changes i have been trying to write on the same ticket…The problem now comes after I push it and have a pull request which complains that there are merge conflicts…When I resolve them locally and push again after doing a rebase the same problem reappears…When I resolve them online the problem is that i end up having two commits instaed of one…Ticket is here @dkayiwa @mogoodrich @mozzy @ruhanga

hello @reagan the cause of the merge conflicts is that there are commits that are merged in the omod/src/main/webapp/fragments/conditionlist/conditions.gsp file where you have also made changes locally, run git reset --hard upstream/master, pull the latest changes from upstream,then run git push origin master so that your origin is updated with the master, then switch to your branch, make the changes and then push to origin