Getting ready for the next 10 years (Openmrs 3.x)

Continuing the discussion from Help us brainstorm OpenMRS project ideas:

@teleivo, I love your proposal!

I submitted a grant (unfortunately unsuccessfully) a couple years ago to fund a project to “harden” OpenMRS, including bringing the technology stack forward and adding support for clustering.

@jdick has been working on a proposal to refactor OpenMRS to scale horizontally – i.e., support clustering and be “cloud-ready”.

I believe to be relevant in the next decade, OpenMRS will need to be cloud-capable and (ideally) support multi-tenancy as well as tackling the issues you’ve enumerated.

I wonder if we could consolidate or organize these efforts. Your notion of a dedicated task force sounds terrific. Count me in on any way I can help!

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Hey, we are definititely interested in trying to bring about next gen openmrs. Would love to discuss this further.

@teleivo do you think you can package up a portion of this proposal for the DIAL OSC Catalytic Grant opportunity?

It’s due at the end of May, and your proposal alone (not combined with Burke’s “hardening” or Jonathan’s horizontal scaling) seems very in line with their “dirty jobs” theme.

Thanks for pointing that out, it really does mention exactly what I am after :slight_smile: I will try.