Getting OPD Summary out along with bill

JSS would like to start giving out a OPD summary along with the bill to the OPD patients. The summary will consist of

  • Prescription
  • Diagnosis
  • Follow up date (Appointment date)

There is a feature right now in ERP that allows the cashier to print bill and prescription together. What’s desired is that instead of just prescription, the above is printed.

Doing some analysis this is what i see

  • the OPD print can be setup using custom display control which will have to be part of visit dashboard
  • OpenERP feed right now contains visit UUID but its not stored anywhere in openerp db, only patient UUID is available which is how the latest prescription is accessed.

Dev work required: we will have to add a new column to openerp sale_order and have visitUUID stored. On click of a new button “Print bill and summary” access this URL using patientUUID and visitUUID.

Also ideally have configurability for the button text and URL associated to make it generic to be a feature in product.

I am wondering if anyone in the community has implemented this feature so we could reuse. Otherwise any thoughts/suggestions on how to go about implementing it, needless to say with minimal effort. Is there a way to achieve it without development work as client would like to start giving this OPD summary prints as soon as possible? (Directly printing from Bahmni is an option but not desirable as billing is a busy department and searching patient, going to visit and printing would slow them down a lot)

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Is there really no way to refer to an external code within the sale_order, without adding a new column?

@darius yes we have discussed alternatives in the PAT call, see the link to this topic.

Is there really no way to refer to an external code within the sale_order, without adding a new column?

There is a column called ‘external_id’ on sale_order which doesn’t seem to be used. So that can probably be used. We use external_id and external_order_id on sale_order_line to store encounterId and orderId respectively. Also we had discussed a possibility of having a generic API printing ‘latest summary’ and the latest summary is determined on bahmni side, so there is no need of storing visitUUID on erp side.

However for now, the implementation is completely fine with printing from EMR. So as of now having a button in ERP for such print not needed.
For printing in EMR, like mentioned earlier i have setup a visit dashboard using some out-of-the-box display controls and one custom display control for appointments. There are some minor feedback around how treatments display control gets printed, will create a separate thread for the same.