Getting Error when Edit/Update User Location In platform version 2.3.2 .

Hello There, I am using enterprise version of openMrs platform 2.3.2 and reference app version 2.11. Actually I am facing an Api side Error while updating the user location because I have also configured the LBAC module.

Initially I have created the user with no location, then through administration, I am trying to update the location of that same user and its also getting updated successfully but when I login with the created user it gives me following error.

Actually what I see there is null which is concatenated with location uuid. Sharing the server logs here


Check the setting/global property where you provide that uuid and see of you typed it correctly.

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Thanks @dkayiwa for your response, I haven’t found anything in global property. Can you please look over my global properties sharing the screen shoots.

What is the value for the user property named locationUuid?

I don’t know the actual cause of this I believe this the value of locatioUuid

I mean the result of this: select property_value from user_property where property = 'locationUuid'

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Ohh sorry Checking it.

hey @dkayiwa i found in database, value associated with locationUuid = b1a8b05e-3542-4037-bbd3-998ee9c40574

Copy and paste the full result returned by this: select * from user_property where property = ‘locationUuid’

here is the output of the query image

I guess you now see the last row as the one being used which is prefixed with null.

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Yah . but I don’t know how it prefixed with null. first I simply created the user then I edit it and assigned the location and it get saved successfully but during login I got the above error.

I altered the changes. Appreciate your Help @dkayiwa . :innocent:

If you can reproduce it afresh, it could be a bug in the module requiring a ticket.

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Yes I am thinking the same I will reproduce the error and will issue the ticket for same. Thanks

hello @dkayiwa , I have created the new user and gone through the scenario that we discussed in above post. Getting the same error , I think we should to raise ticket for it. image Thank You,

@atiq have you created a ticket for this yet??

Hey @herbert24 . I did few days before.

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