Getting Dev1 Results

I did quiz exam for dev1 some days back but I didn’t get any feedback though after submission, info was displayed “You will be notified on the talk”. Does it need for me to re-take the quiz or result take quit long to be released


No you don’t need to re-do the quez just be patient it will be worked on.

cc@dkayiwa, @burke

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Hello @jwnasambu , @dkayiwa . I also did the quiz 4days ago but I am still waiting for feedback.

@cintiadr @burke am sorry for tagging you on @isamanya’s issue but I believe you can be of help.

So I can see that @isamanya finished the test 10/12/2020 2:54:29 (UTC).

I can see in the application logs tried to grant Smart Developer .

[2020-10-13 05:02:30.767] [INFO] grader.js - isamanya granted Smart Developer 

Now I have no exception whatoever in the logs. Well, that will be fun.

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@burke I tried restarting the app and rerunning it (removing the data from the spreadsheet), and it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. The code looks pretty straightforward, but somehow it’s saying it’s a success and it’s not doing anything.

Seems to be happening since I upgraded talk.

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Working through this. Quizgrader is a bit rusty. I managed to get a dev instance to run. Quizgrader is getting a “BAD CSRF” error when invoking the Discourse API. It looks like the problem is coming from this change in Discourse, where API authentication is now done via the header.

I think I’ve got it fixed (and cleaned a little rust off quizgrader along the way). I’ve committed my changes, but don’t know if those will make it into the infrastructure automatically. I’ll try to check on that tomorrow.


So I checked dockerhub, and the build was red (it was configured wrong, pointing to wrong folder). I fixed it.

Then I ran on the machine hosting it to update the image:

deploy-compose quizgrader

I went to the spreadsheet and deleted the grade for @isamanya, and rerun the quizgrader. That seems to have done the trick!!! YEY


@cintiadr, Thanks so much for upgrading Discourse! Since I was touching quizgrader, I added in log entries for any errors coming from Discourse. Hopefully, we won’t need them… but, if we do, the log entries will be more helpful next time. :slight_smile: