Getting Bean Exception warn on bahmni startup but all modules starting fine.

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Hi I am migrating from openmrs platform version 2.2.0 to Bahmni v0.92 and want to use its services thereafter. So currently I have setup Bahmni on AWS instance and want to use my production db of openmrs v2.2.0 in Bahmni v0.92.Initially the setup was successful with no errors. But after importing my openmrs v2.2.0 db I started up Bahmni and faced some liquibase errors for some modules but I resolved using the openmrs logs. So while resolving errors I had to upgrade version of some modules(not the Bahmni ones for sure)

But still I am getting a Huge Log with lot of Bean creation exception Warnings related to different services of openmrs. LOGS- bahmni log - (This is in similar fashion much larger of 10.0MB size being created each time on bahmni startup)

I am unable to figure out this. Also not able to create patient via Create/View Patient tab in openmrs UI on bahmni. Getting error - “HTTP Status 500 - Request processing failed; nested exception is org.hibernate.ObjectNotFoundException: No row with the given identifier exists: [org.openmrs.PersonAttributeType#7]”. From this I guess OpenMRS services are not accessible even after starting of modules.

Openelis,odoo are accessible but not able to open Bahmni EMR on /home. Its showing red alert box error - “The OpenMRS service is currently unavailable. Please check if the service is started and refresh the page once it is up.” while openMRS is running fine and accessible with all the modules running.

Please help me.