Getting an error on running maven clean install on openmrs-contrib-qaframework

try the command once again and confirm that this happens, ensure only selenium is interacting with the browser

Request timeout to localhost/ after 60000 ms is a result of delay in server connection whenever the instance exceeds the max-lease time that was set for client requests. However, in reference to the log, you are ready to go. Just as @k.joseph has mentioned you can try running the command again.

@k.joseph and @kdaud , I re-tried mvn clean test and this is the error Iā€™m getting irynah@irynah-Vostro-3560:/media/irynah/DATA/0NEW-108G/0PROJECTS/OpenMRS-project -

You are ready to go!
Looking through the log, most of the tests are passing. In addition to my recent comment, your property file seems to be pointing to a remote server which possibly is causing time out issues. You may need to change the url to point to your local instance instead of the remote server

restarting may help, please consider pulling from master

The url in the file redirects to a remote server. Such issues usually occur when the connection is not stable. I think changing the url to redirect to a local instance could eliminate internet issues causing time out issues

@irenyak1 what experience do you get when you first run mvn clean install and then run mvn clean test

install will run the tests as will test

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mvn clean install runs successfully, it is mvn clean test which fails with some errors

@irenyak1 can you share your errors?

This means you are ready to go. Actually mvn clean install and mvn clean test achieves the same goal in relation to tests. mvn clean test could be failing due to the reason i gave above. This should not keep you blocked because mvn clean install was successful
If you want to observe these tests in a browser, then you need to make some changes with test.properies file; changing the property of headless to headless=false.

I have set that up already and I am able to observe the tests in the browser though it is a very rapid process. :slight_smile:

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did you get unblocked @irenyak1 ?

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Yes i did. thanks @k.joseph

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