Generating Jasper reports from OWA

Hi, I’m trying to generate some reports with jasper reports module from an OWA, but it’s not some docs to read or examples. How can I do that?

@gcmurillo do you think BIRT Reports , BIRT Reports would help instead of Jasper reports.

or Jasper Reports Module or Building Jasper Reports

Hi, i’m using Jasper report module. I know how to generate the report from this module, but from the user interaction I dont want to him go to “Modules administration” -> “Jasper Module” -> “Generate X report”, I want that user can enter the data in a form in an owa (reactjs app), and from here generate the report.

Do you already have a server side REST api, for these reports, to access from your OWA? Or are you using the reportingrest module?

You may also find these links helpful:

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