generate Xreports from Xforms?

Hi OpenMRS Community,

I am implementing OpenMRS for an Oncology Clinic. The idea is to use the Xforms module for input of the patient records and patient registration. That would include, determining the diagnose and the medication used for that patient; among the other basic information.

Is it possible to generate reports with the Xreports module from the data entered through the Xforms module?

Thanks! M.

@memedhe how do your reports look like?

@dkayiwa I have not yet created a report; since I’ve just been able to install the module. The idea is to generate statistical data from the reports. I don’t know if these info are enough as to understand the purpose of the question I asked. But, I want to create an Xform for registering patients, enter medication used for those registered patients. Then to be able to generate reports of the drugs used based on what was submitted when the patient was registrated.

@memedhe your requirements are still a bit generic. You will need to get into some more details like how do you want the report to look like? Can you give one such example with factious values?

@dkayiwa The reports with be like: What is the number of patients with Pulmonary Carcinoma; What is the number of patients who have used an X drug; List of Patient name who have used an X drug.

The first step is to get familiar with building these datasets with the reporting module.

After that, xreports is just a PDF renderer for these reports.

@dkayiwa So the Reporting module is necessary to have in oder to have the functionality that I need?

Thanks @dkayiwa!

@memedhe yes please! :slight_smile:

@dkayiwa Thank you! You’ve been really helpful. I’ll update on the progress. Have a good day!