gci2017 tag - Helpdesk ticket

Hi everyone,

We recently got this ticket on our helpdesk:

We need a gci2017 tag on talk and a flexible way to update this tag as students and mentors can join at anytime during the contests and we need to make sure they’ll be included in the tag.

We also need gci badges. For org admins and mentors. I was thinking we should also create a grand prize winner badge and assign to all our previous grand prize winners. I think new students seeing this may get motivated.

Thanks, Larry

Is there any problem creating the badges? Also, anyone can help me understand the ‘tags’ part, isn’t it something that you just add to a topic?

So, replace tag by handler. He wants to create @gci2017students and @gci2017mentors . Is that ok, and how to do it in such a way that @ivange94 could modify it?

actually @bholagabbar requested for this tag and I misunderstood him. Sorry. Seems what you understood was what he wanted, a tag to tag gci posts.

Thanks for the tag.

Tags in Talk (or labels in Wiki/JIRA) are created on the fly. If you want something to be tagged gci2017, you simply enter that tag. If it doesn’t exist, then it will be created. It’s best practice, especially for recurring things like GCI, to look at existing convention and follow up (so, for example, we don’t end up with an ugly mess of tags like gci2016, gci17, and 2018GCI. For tabs & labels, we generally use lowercase and try to make tags intuitive (ideally people could guess the proper tag name for something by looking at our existing tags for other things).

We already have a GCI Participant Badge. It looks like it wasn’t used last year (for GCI 2016). Given a list of usernames and reason for badge (see examples in the badge previously granted), we could get them granted for you. As it stands, Discourse constrains badge granting to admins, so someone in the admin group will need to help you get the badges granted.

As far as a badge for GCI grand prize winner, we could certainly do that. I’ve asked on meta.discourse.org about best practices for creating custom badges to see if there is any downside to creating a lot of custom badges like this. Assuming there’s no downsides, then we can certainly create the badge.