GCI Task not approved/denied after 36 hours

Hey guys, I submitted a task over 36 hours ago and it has yet to be approved/denied. I would like to be able to work on other tasks, but can’t yet. I know you guys are busy, so I’ll try not to bug you about it too much. :wink: The task is found at https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/5750191351136256/

I appreciate the helpfulness of this community! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

My issue has been resolved. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy lives to help with Google Code-in! It means a lot to us students! :+1:

I have another task that has passed the 36 hr mark without being reviewed. https://codein.withgoogle.com/dashboard/task-instances/6343612285583360/

I have reviewed and put a comment. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley: I have responded to your comment.

I have added another comment.

FYI the please to do this is in the telegram chat https://om.rs/gcitg or on #openmrs-gci on freenode if you cannot access telegram.

Haha @r0bby , this post is from last year’s GCI :wink:


Er… I’m gonna go and hang my head in shame.

No need to feel so. It simply shows someone who is willing to give help on any post, regardless of how long it may have been around, waiting for an answer. :slight_smile: