GCI-2019 : Getting Ready for the Google Code-in 2019

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Hi @suthagar23 ,

I’m interested to be a org admin this year. I would like to discuss more on the proposal and how we can proceed/improve further this year with our past experiences as successful GCI organization. :smiley:

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Definitely !!!

Hi @suthagar23, would love to help out as a mentor this year as well :smiley:.

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I’d love to take part as a mentor in this year as well.

Hey! I’d be happy to come back this year to mentor! I would love to make the contest as exciting for this year’s participants as a lot of you guys did for me last year :grinning:


@suthagar23 am available first as Co-Admin or secondly as mentor.

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Am neither of the above but would like to be a mentor.

@suthagar23 this is great! I’d love to help out in any way possible :smile:

@suthagar23 I would like to come as a mentor.

@suthagar23 any updates on GCI progress ??

I will update the talk soon, and we still have days :grinning:. I’m busy with GSoC Summit right now.

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Thanks for the update @suthagar23 , I would love to be a mentor for Gci. I am new here, So looking forward to working with the openMRS family :slight_smile:

Hi @suthagar23! Wondering how this is coming along:

What can we help with?

Is it possible to have the application drafted by Friday, October 25 so we can give input and feedback well in advance of Monday’s deadline?

Yes @jennifer, we can have it on or before Friday

Hi all,

Please find the application draft here. Feel free to comment your ideas.


@suthagar23 well done for the good work . However am only seing two tasks here . https://issues.openmrs.org/browse/BIR-20?jql=labels%20%3D%20gci2019. waht is the criteria for adding in more tasks ?

Congratulations! We are selected as a Google Code-in 2019 mentoring organization. :heart:

Great stuff; @kdaud is this a venture you would love as a mentor?

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After selecting the mentors, each mentor will come up with some tasks to be worked on basing on last year’s experience.


I have experience in contributing to open source and have decent knowledge of java, python and currently working with machine learning algorithms and some statistics. I would really like to be a GCI 2019 mentor.