GCI-2019 : Getting Ready for the Google Code-in 2019

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Good news @suthagar23 thanks for updates

Good I would like to participate as mentor

@suthagar23, thanks for getting this on our radar! I’m looking forward to hearing about those changes you hinted at… :slight_smile:


Thanks @suthagar23

There’s some unfinished work relating to the telemedicine GSoC project that might be GCI-eligible. Is there anything potential GCI mentors can do in the meantime to put together project proposals?

cc @codepoet2017390

@isears GCI is for only school students, and usually we prepare minor coding tasks for them. (Work time for 1 - 3 days). Please take care of it when you plan also :slight_smile:


What is the minimum criteria to qualify as a mentor?

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Active Community member who usually presents on OpenMRS Talk and other OpenMRS Activities.

Preffered : Past GSoC Students, GSoC mentors, GCI Students and GCI Mentors.

GCI-2019 Updates

Organization Applications are now open for Google Code-in 2019. Deadline is Monday, October 28, 2019

I will be starting to draft the application for GCI this year too. If anyone interested to help or administrates, Please let me know.

@suthagar23, thanks for getting this on our radar! I’m looking forward to hearing about those changes you hinted at… :slight_smile:

  • Compared to the last year, The contest begins bit late than the last year’s timeline.
  • Few ideas to increase the number of students for our org and GCI too.
  • Improvements/Changes based on last year findings

I will initiate it while doing the application preparation and give my thoughts clearly here!.



Thanks for the updates @suthagar23. I would like to participate as the admin for this year in GCI :star_struck::star_struck:

Am neither of the above but would like to mentor, however due to the activities i’ve been doing , i’ve been like a third mentor to some GSOC students :grinning:


@mozzy yes you are always :star_struck::v:

I’m neither of them right now, but I have decent amount of experience in Open Source Contributions(have worked with few orgz. in past) and also looking forward to participate in Summer of Code this yr. What I believe is that all it requires to be a GCI mentor is the passion for open source and helping newbies to learn and explore the things.

I would love to be a GCI mentor for Open MRS community @suthagar23

Hi @suthagar23 ,

I’m interested to be a org admin this year. I would like to discuss more on the proposal and how we can proceed/improve further this year with our past experiences as successful GCI organization. :smiley:

Best regards,


Definitely !!!

Hi @suthagar23, would love to help out as a mentor this year as well :smiley:.

I’d love to take part as a mentor in this year as well.

Hey! I’d be happy to come back this year to mentor! I would love to make the contest as exciting for this year’s participants as a lot of you guys did for me last year :grinning:

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@suthagar23 am available as first as Co-Admin or secondly as mentor.

Am neither of the above but would like to be a mentor.

@suthagar23 this is great! I’d love to help out in any way possible :smile: