Functionality to have Baseline form across all Programs


We have new requirement from one of our clients and would like to understand on feasibility & better approach for addressing below ·

  1. Client has three baseline forms that needs to be filled once for every visit and applicable for all Programs. i.e. Irrespective of the programs that patient enrolled, these forms will filled for every visit.
  1. These forms needs to be shown in all the Program dashboards ( I.e. if Patient is enrolled in multiple programs, even though these forms are filled only once for the visit from one program, they needs to be shown up in all program dashboards so that baseline forms filled only once for the visit)

Kindly let us know thoughts on the below

1)As per the current functionality , if a form is filled from one program, it will not be displayed in the program dashboards form display control of other programs. Can we do some enhancements to show certain forms appear across all program dashboards?

  1. Create a new display control for these baseline forms and have that display control with baseline forms(If filled) across the programs

Note : We cannot use Clinical workflow for these baselines forms , as client uses only Program Workflows.

Regards, Teja

As discussed in the PAT call there are two proposed approaches for this,

  1. Solution Proposed: Custom Display Control

2: Upgrade to .92 where we can leverage the availability of Forms2

We are going with the Solution Approach 1 - Creating Custom display controls to display baseline forms filled across multiple programs.

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