Front end of the OpenMRS-core

Can someone tell where to find the front end web application of the OpenMRS-core.I’m want to start contributing.I’ve setup the openmrs-core api.I would like to know how to test the api without the front end application present.

If you want to test API’s you can perform requests on the API endpoints using tools like postman, curl, etc.

That is what I wanted to know.Thank you!

This documentation should help you get started

It documents the various REST endpoints available and the specific way to interact with each endpoint


@jecihjoy, that’s great! Where’s this documentation maintained?

Thank you!

@mksd here is the github repo for this documentations


Great , we should update our old Rest wiki pages to point to that documentation .


I agree with you, @ayesh is documented anywhere in wiki?

hi @jecihjoy it’s not documented