Free text address fields when showAddressFieldsTopDown = False


For our Sierra Leone implementation of Bahmni (traveling there next week to begin rollout), we are trying to set up the address entry in the registration app so that free text entry is only allowed on some of the fields. We are able to do this using the “freeTextAddressFields” tag. However, what we are finding is that this only works if showAddressFieldsTopDown = True. When showAddressFieldsTopDown = False it seems to allow free text entry in all the fields, ignoring the “freeTextAddressFields” tag.

If we need to set it in top down order we can but would rather use bottom up ordering.

Are we missing something? If not, is there a workaround for this?

Thanks, Dave

Hi @ddesimone,

If you want to setup like some address fields should only accept auto populate values and some address fields as free text then “showAddressFieldsTopDown” set to true. If you setup “showAddressFieldsTopDown” to false, it will still auto populate the fields if you fill them from highest regions like country/state to lowest region like village/H.No… However all the address fields accept the free text value. This is the limitation that we have. Thanks for raising, we can look into it.

Thanks @padmavati. It sounds like you are confirming that you can reproduce what Dave is experiencing and that this will be logged as a bug to be fixed in a future release. Is that right? Can you please let us know the Mingle Card number when you have it?

Thanks! Mike

Hi @ddesimone,

Bahmni currently does not support strict entry in the bottom up approach (no specific reason, other than the fact that the implementation that uses topdown wanted to support strict entry).

As a philosophy, I think supporting autocomplete with option to override will be good since boundaries always get redrawn and address hierarchy on the system itself will not evolve with the same timelines of people’s understanding of their own addresses. If you think otherwise, we can

  1. Enhance the bottom up style to support strict entry
  2. Use top down address hierarchy.

1 is not on the roadmap, but would you or someone at PIH want to pick this up?