Forming a Quality Assurance team

Would there be scope for including a pool of Testers available in this QA team to rely upon for duties mentioned in the testing team in this talk post . ? I believe as both of these are interdependent, it would be a good idea to include the testing process in the QA - Responsibilities.

Hi all,

I hope that our yesterday’s presentation proved to be informative despite some technical problems we faced. @ayeung, do you still wish to join the QA Team? We invite anyone that is willing to contribute to the QA process. You can find all the needed information at

Best Regards, Tomasz

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Yes, @tmueller, I would like to be part of the QA Team. :smiley:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

@tmueller, have you started the process of moving test cases from the RAQA to RA project? I can’t remember if you mentioned that in your presentation.

@raff, I just started.