[FormBuilder] Add more for form


We would like to implement form add more for forms2, as it exists in form1 today. The add more for section, obs etc are handled using form field path. So, we were thinking of extending the form field path to indicate its an add more form by adding a ‘+1’ or ‘+2’ after version, only for forms which are add more.( Ex. FormName.Version+1/2-0 this indicates an obs was filled after clicking add more on a form.) If we build it for only form which are add more, we need not worry about backward compatibility. Thoughts or suggestions?

@angshuonline @binduak @rajeswarigottipati @shivarachakonda @vinisha @vmalini

As per the discussion with Angshu, Summan and Bindu, we have come to the following decisions:

  • We will suffix the form namespace and path with ‘+1’, ‘+2’ to indicate an add more form in the obs table.
  • We will add a dropdown in implementer interface to indicate the type of form as ‘progressive’ for an add more form, indicating the form can we filled progressively.

@angshuonline @binduak @rajeswarigottipati @shivarachakonda @vinisha @vmalini