[Form2] Form name translation

Today Bahmni does not not provide a way to provide translations for form names, we can translate the concept label, label, headers etc inside a form however we cannot translate a form name.

We need the form name translation to be in place so that I can refer to the form’s in the required language, without the need to re-create the same form with different names.

Proposed solution

  • OpenMRS provides a way to add resources to a form, in the form_resource table. This tables stores data in a key:value fashion (details here)
  • We can use this table to store a key called ‘Translation’ or similar, and in the value we can store a stringified JSON like {'en':'English name', 'fr': 'French name'}
  • We can retrieve this value by joining the form and form resource table whenever required.

Example table entry:

Please provide your inputs. @angshuonline @binduak @sowmika @praveenad @vmalini @mksrom

Discussion in PAT call:

  • return the translations with get form and latest published forms API
  • use a custom datatype to store the value in resource table
  • return all the translations like [{ 'locale': 'en', 'display':'translated value' }]

Hi @snehabagri, has this been implemented?

(cc @reagan)

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