Form not seen in Clinical dashboard

Certain forms are seen in the dashboard but others are not although they have been filled in via the Observation templates and are described in dashboard.json under clinical apps. I using this approach - And I am not seeing the forms (I was expecting the forms to be visible the eye and pen way in their entirety as it was filled in). I have checked the spellings etc…the displayOrder seems OK, too. My observation template has “Annexure 1: Baseline counseling for Lymphodema”. and my dashboard.json has “baselineForms”: { “type”: “forms”, “displayOrder”: 6, “dashboardConfig”: { “maximumNoOfVisits”: 10 }, “formGroup”:[“Annexure 1: Baseline counseling for Lymphodema”], “translationKey”: “DASHBOARD_TITLE_BASELINE_FORM” },

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Hi @ashokraman

Are you not able to see Forms Control displaying Annexure 1: Baseline counseling for Lymphodema ?

How many visits that the patient have ?

I am still playing around the data - I got @vmalini’s help and she suggested I reduce the length of the fully specified name (short name to have the longer, displayable name) and that worked. However, some other subset members still do not show up.

We need a tabular view of measurements across several visits (followups)…

Thanks, Ashok

Please if this it helps

What are they?

I was changing the files in the wrong place - /opt/bahmni-web/etc/bahmni_config/openmrs

@vmalini pointed out it should be - /var/www/bahmni_config/openmrs

Behaviour is now as expected, thanks.

Let me check the Flowsheet control,

Thanks, Ashok

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