Form Conditions not working as expected with Forms 2.0

Context We configured observation forms with Forms 2.0 for our implementation. We have form conditions in forms where a concept is visible or hidden depending on the condition given. This feature is not working as expected with Forms 2.0

Expected Result After i fill all the form conditions in an observation form and i save the form all the form conditions should be filled and visible

Actual Result The form condition that is filled at the end is only visible after the form is saved and all the previous conditions are not visible

Steps to reproduce For Baseline HCV form, select “Other” for “Marital Status” and then fill text for “Other Marital Status” then For “Employed” concept select “Other” and fill text for “Other employment” and save the form After saving i should see text entered for both “Other Marital Status” and “Other employment” but i see text entered only for “Other employment” as that was filled last

Form before saving

Form after saving

Please share your thoughts @jinal @vmalini @snehabagri