Form Builder cannot publish my form after restoring the server with dump

My server crushed and i performed a new bahmni installation and restored the server with the dump everything works fine except that the form builder won’t publish any form i design again giving “Internal server error” Thanks

Hi @barnaby85, Can you re-post the image (screenshot) ?

Also, try to restart your openmrs service.

@barnaby85 can you please share the screenshot again?

Were you able to create and save a new form? Were you able to edit an existing form and save it?

If you still face the issue make sure you can run the following queries:

select * from form where name=’<your_form_name>’;

Please replace ‘<your_form_name>’ with the name of your form. If you do not find any records then that form data is missing in the new dump.

The only case this would happen is when you have a perviously opened implementer_interface link and then you restore the DB and when you try to directly go and click on edit but no entry of the form is present in form table.