For Input String Validation Error on patient Identifier Type

Hi All, We have this hitch in the Nigerian implementation of openMRS, we are trying to implement a form for a survey using the html-form, see attached the error. It occurs on the patient identifierType field

Any idea on this error would help us

@dkayiwa please is there any assistance you can provide for us with this. It happens on html forms

Is it only for Nigerian implimentation @johnbosco and it works well else where or it’s general . @mozzy can I understand it well

This form is specifically used in Nigeria. It works previously but trying to implement a survey requirement, that requires two ids in a form, we get this error

Can you share the server side log via

Hi @dkayiwa I don’t understand the server side you meant but see link to the form

the portion of interest is below

Can you make the ID match those requirements?

The validation of the ID for the requirements in red is done before formSubmit and it is done on the UI, but when ever the form is submitted, we see the error For input String ""

Can you share the tomcat log via

See log here

Can you share from another log file?

Hi Daniel. Maybe we can begin by figuring out if it is possible to have 2 different identifiers captured for a patient in a form on OpenMRS