follow medications in orderEntryUI module


Please need your help,

I want to add a field in the OrderEntryUI module to follow medicaments of patients for example: if the patient has taken his treatment the doctor when he goes consulted all drugs will see that he took his treatments, I don’t khnow the easiest way to do this monitoring, there’s already a field in this module ?, it is a web service to send this information to OpenMRS.

Kind regards, Roukia

@roukia, stop posting the same question multiple times in multiple threads, and please do not email me directly telling me about a Talk post. (If I’m working, and I have time, I’ll see Talk.)

I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking to do. Generally these are three different things:

  • recording that a drug was dispensed (e.g. at an outpatient pharmacy)
  • recording that a drug was administered (e.g. in an inpatient ward)
  • recording drug adherence (e.g. by a community health worker doing a home visit)

That said, the orderentryui module does not do any of these things. I don’t know of any modules for the Reference Application that do this, and are ready to be deployed in a general use case.

@darius Sorry for this disturbance, i’m recent in openMRS talk

I’m interested in 3rd case: recording drug adherence, i want to add a field record for the monitoring of medical treatment

what I need is a field in openMRS where the doctor can see all medications taken and not taken by the patient, following his prescription.

i have to add a form in openMRS?, can you guide me in this?

You should be able to find instructions on the wiki, etc, for building forms using HTML Form Entry or XForms.

@darius Please i found this link in the page 2/13 i found a table recording drug adherence it this form exists and thank you very much

That slide is from the MDR TB module:

I’m not sure how they handle drug adherence in that module, but you could look at the code.


@darius Ok thank you very much i will look at the code to adapt this to me, i need to connect to follow medication prescription if the patient take medicine i put check to follow the treatement