Florian Bütow Developer Stage!

@flobue, you may not fully understand the impact of your contributions until the day you will get a chance to see or read stories about the many lives that are being saved as a result of the work that your efforts are a part of!

Therefore, on behalf of the OpenMRS Community, i would like to thank you for the great contribution! :slight_smile:

You have so far not done many tickets. But the few you have attempted are a bit large and complicated. You have resiliently pursued them up to the very end. You are one of those developers who, instead of doing many small intro tickets, find more fun with fewer but more complicated ones. :smile:

Would you be interested in one of these developer stages? https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/RES/OpenMRS+Developer+Stages


@dkayiwa Thank you for your kind words, it feels very good to hear that :slight_smile: . Thanks also for the input I received (from everyone involved) on my PRs. I definitely want to challenge myself, even more so with future tickets. I feel that’s the best way to improve my contributions for everything that follows.

Yes, I’m interested in the developer stages and I should probably get around to tackle the /dev/1 quiz soon. I’m assuming that is still the main way to ascend to the next stage?

@flobue Yes, that’s the way to get to dev1. Thereafter, Daniel and the other devs can upgrade you as the community deem necessary. Thanks for your contributions!