Fixed Javadocs builds & How can I build OpenMRS Core Standalone?

As I anticipated, now that the builds start with no SNAPSHOTs stored locally, it’s picking some build problems along the way.

I changed the Javadoc builds; TRUNK was red due to missing snapshots. To fix that, I added ‘mvn package aggregate:jar -DskipTests’ instead of “mvn aggregate:jar”.

The problem is that maven plugins in ‘aggregator-style’ (only runs in the top level pom, and not for each child pom.xml ), with required dependency resolution (a plugin which asks maven to discover all the dependencies), you should always build everything in your maven project upfront to at least ‘package’ in the same maven invocation. Gory details in MNG-5565. So, rule of thumb, if Bamboo logs show your build is downloading snapshots of things it was supposed to build, it spells danger. You are probably building something else that was deployed before, and not the code from the current commit.

While as I there, I migrated them from maven 2 to maven 3. It caused javadoc plugin to be upgraded, but I guess everything seems to be working in , and the four builds are green.

Create Standalone build in Openmrs Core is red. Missing artifact ‘org.openmrs.api:openmrs-api:jar:1.12.0-SNAPSHOT’, and I cannot find the build which was supposed to deploy it to nexus. Where’s the ‘mvn deploy’ of that version?

Should we deploy it? Or just do a ‘mvn clean install’ of core master before trying to create the standalone?