Finding introductory tickets in JIRA

Hi I am new to OpenMRS development and went through the dev manual, wiki and was able to run a custom module according to the guide. I am interested in claiming introductory tickets in JIRA and start working on it. How can I find any introductory tickets and how can I claim them? I was able to find tickets for core and existing modules, but there is no claim link for the ticket. Do you need to have permission to claim tickets? Thanks.

Have you created a wiki account? if yes,login and you can select issues. I believe you will be able to claim one

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@channa87 kindly go through this plus the attached youtube video

In order to be able to claim the JIRA tickets, u need tio log in with your credentials ie username and password


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@channa87 To have permission please contact the Help Desk to request access to the wiki for edit/write access.

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@spkabugo1 Thanks for the answer. I created OpenMRS ID and can login into JIRA, but still can’t login into Wiki and in JIRA I can’t claim tickets too.

I have granted you access try again to login into Jira.

@jwnasambu Thanks. I can login into wiki and access JIRA now.

Have we updated to help answer this question (or if the point is already there, try to make it clearer)? Each time a new developer reports a problem getting started is an opportunity to improve our getting started page by making it say more with fewer words. :slight_smile: