Find Patient issue

I’m having an issue with the displayed birth date of patients using Find Patient Record. When I click on the app I see cached patient finds and all is well with their birthdates. However, when I search for a patient in the search box the birthdates are always one day before the real birthdate. The database records the correct birthdate. Is it an issue with the patient search widget? Or? I’m running openmrs 2.0.6 build 453af9 on ubuntu 14.04, Java 8. Following is the list of modules, including a module I created. Many thanks - Barry

Form Entry App Module 1.4.2
Metadata Sharing 1.3.0
Reporting 1.15.0
ID Generation 4.4.1
Allergy UI Module 1.8.0
EMR API Module 1.23.0
Registration App Module 1.10.0
Retina Global 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT
HTML Form Entry UI Framework Integration Module 1.6.4
App Framework Module 2.10.0
Reporting REST 1.9.0
Reference Metadata Module 2.7.0
Metadata Mapping 1.3.3
Admin UI Module 1.2.2
Reference Application Module 2.7.0
App UI Module 1.8.0
Metadata Deploy 1.9.0
OpenMRS UI Framework 3.13.0
Reporting Compatibility 2.0.4
HTML Widgets 1.9.0
Docs and Drawing Annotation 1.1.6
Serialization Xstream 0.2.13
Registration Core Module 1.8.0
Event Module 2.6.0
Core Apps Module 1.18.0
Provider Management Module 2.9.0
Chart Search Module 2.1.0
Calculation 1.2
Appointment Scheduling UI Module 1.6.1
Open Web Apps Module 1.8.1
HTML Form Entry 3.4.0
UI Commons Module 2.5.1
Appointment Scheduling Module 1.8.0
Reporting UI Module 1.5.0
Rest Web Services OMOD
Legacy UI Module 1.3.3
Data Exchange Module 1.3.2
UI Library Module 2.0.6

Hello @levine

Is it possible to get some screenshots of the dashboard which displayed that wrong DOB before one day?

Here’s the screen shot of the Find Patient page with cached results:

Here’s the screen shot after searching for new patient:

Note, the dates are in Spanish. The correct birthdate is provided in the cached results. Thanks much for your help! Barry

Just for troubleshooting purposes, are you able to reproduce this with the latest release of the reference application?

Thanks for responding; I just downloaded the standalone reference app 2.8.0 and cannot reproduce the incorrect date?


Still just for troubleshooting purposes, can you back up your current modules and database, then try upgrade to the latest reference application and see if it fixes the problem?

It would be a bit difficult to set up a new system so I decided to include my own Find Patient app…@dkayiwa, thanks for your suggestions.

Does this mean that you are now good? :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve included my module…thanks much :grinning: