Final Year Project with OpenMRS

Hi everyone!
Could it be possible for some one to do a final year project working on OpenMRS project that can be deliverable! Could there be some projects that can be accomplished by a student or group of students who would wish to do their final year project based on OpenMRS!

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Not as a final year project, but I can surely try to develop some modules :grinning:

Hi David,

I guess that’s a good idea. I’m personally doing the same thing; There a couple of projects available:


can I join ?

i wishing to help…If there is designing in it too i am ready…

Hey @kdaud I am in with testing and designing. :grin:

Hey @samuel34 I went through the projects and are pretty nice to work on. May I ask few things though;
1. Don’t you think these projects might be candidates to GSoC?
2. Have not seen this before since I join this community, do OpenMRS Admins allow a student to do his or her College Project based on OpenMRS
What are your opinions

You can find a final year project with OpenMRS - it has to be something significant and relevant that your lecturer will find intriguing.

Other options include working with an implementing partner in Uganda to solve a specific problem that they have but do have the bandwidth to handle.

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