Final Day of OMRS21

Join us for the final day of the OpenMRS Implementers Conference 2021.

What has been your biggest takeaway thus far? Post on the comment section and nominate the next person to share theirs :smiley:

Todays Schedule is as below:

  • Welcome and Announcements: Community Experience

  • State of OpenMRS

  • Virtual Site Visit

  • Session: Bahmni@next: Joining 3.x initiative

  • Session: Promoting collaboration among countries & organizations: How do attract technical expertise and properly resource our community teams working on shared assets?

  • Break

  • Professional Development, Marketing, and Technical support Showcases

  • Session: 3.x Integrations: Ozone HIS, OpenELIS 2.x update

  • Session: Women’s Health (including labor & delivery)

  • Session: OpenMRS 3.0 Development: Getting Ready for the Hackathon

  • After Action Review and Closing

Access the detailed schedule on the conference schedule page

Register for the conference here