File system space - Bahmni not working

Hi everyone, After running Bahmni for almost a year now, Currently it has stopped as the PostgreSQL pg_xlog file has consumed all the space in file system. Is it common?, and how do i solve it. kindly assist us please, there is nothing tasteful here at the moment.

Patiently waiting…

I haven’t heard of such issue from anyone so far. @arjun any such instances u know? Can you see if this helps? The could be reasons for the issue and clearly explained here.

Please let us know of any other findings.

Thanks folks, Mr. Arjun came to my rescue. Ha has given a perfect cure for that. This was the t solution

  • in postgresql.conf, set the archive_command to /bin/true - restart postgres (stop postgres using services before this) - watch pg_xlog getting removed automatically and disk space increasing - in postgresql.conf, set archive to off - restart postgres

But the one problem I caused while searching for solution was deleting error and access logs file in httpd location to secure some space. Finally openmrs can’t work, it says the requested service does not exist. This is typically new problem. your help please!!!

@mfugale can you restart openmrs service and look for possible errors in openmrs.log file.

Okay let me do and will get to you

@swathivarkala Yes, i faced this issue in last couple of months at 2 sites. Doing the above steps that i shared with Gift, had fixed this problem at those sites.

Basically the bahmni installation sets archiving to true and the archive_command something like this archive_command = 'pgbackrest --stanza=bahmni-postgres archive-push %p' # command to use to archive a logfile segment

However, i think if pgbackrest (bahmni postgres backup tools) are not installed, this archive commands fail and so postgres keeps accumulating these pg_xlogs. (Most implementations aren’t using these backup tools. honestly, i have not yet spent enough time figuring how using them would solve the basic problem of incremental backups for which they were introduced and pg_dump for all other cases is just fine)

I was going to share it here, for anyone facing the problem, but good that Gift shared sooner than I did. We could add this to known issues in Bahmni wiki, may be.

Also, may be the installation should set archiving on and archive command based on some parameters in setup.yml, because the fix above persists only in between installations and recurs on upgrades.

Warn: dispatcherservlet.nonhandlerfound(1120)I no mapping found for http request with URI

That’s the error i get in openmrs log file

From the page, this is the error I get. Your help please!!!, It keeps on loading!!!

Can you access openmrs and see if it is up? ip/openmrs

I get this. please help me. The hospital is down for a week now, so terrible

can u check what is in /opt/openmrs/modules? can you tail openmrs log and see what errors are there?

Do you think re installation would work for you.?

All modules are there, the errror I get in openmrs log is “Warn: dispatcherservlet.nonhandlerfound(1120)I no mapping found for http request with URI”

I have tried bahmni -i local install to no avail

reinstallation might cause some problems i think, because we have bahmni 0.89 and the current one is 0.9 which have some installation issues.

Alternatively, here we have another separate server installed with bahmni 0.89, but I have no clue on how to backup postgres for openelis and openerp and put in the new server. that would at leas help

  1. cd /var/log/openmrs
  2. delete openmrs.log
  3. service openmrs restart

Share the freshly created openmrs.log file here.

Can you help ,me your email that I share the log file

Additionally in the browser console I get the following

Until the software gets back, do u think of mitigation plans when the hospital is down? I hope I can help with two ideas, adapted from the history of medicine. The first is having a tree with the leaves of the tree as a symbol of (one patient receiving one physician order per leaf), and the second with having a photo per physician order, and having this photo speaking to anyone who talks to it about all the details of the physician order per each patient :slight_smile:

I wish you all the best, Regards, Mona

Folks, Any idea for the above stated problem, We are still looking for the solution, We have reinstalled bhmni installer, EMR to no avail. Kindly asking you to reach out for help. Thanks