fhir2 patient create error 500

I am using the fhir2 module to create the patient and I am getting the following error { "resourceType": "OperationOutcome", "text": { "status": "generated" - Pastebin.com the json I use is the one they have in their git repository openmrs-module-fhir2/PatientWebTest_update.json at master · openmrs/openmrs-module-fhir2 · GitHub

it looks like we are violating some constraint on repository structure @ibacher could you be having some insights on this

You might have better luck with the one that’s actually for creating a patient, found here. However, this requires that you have a location with the UUID 92ab9667-4686-49af-8be8-65a4b58fc49c, an identifier named “Test Identifier Type”, and it should be configured not to do any validation on the identifier. Basically, the stuff we configured here.

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I already made the configurations that I mentioned the location make the change from the database with the uuid that you mention, the identifier does not perform any validation estos son los datos que envio { "resourceType": "Patient", "identifier": { "extension": [{ " - Pastebin.com and the error that appears to me { "resourceType": "OperationOutcome", "text": { "status": "generated" - Pastebin.com

hello @ibacher @herbert24 make the configurations that I mentioned and it gives me error 500 and 22 { "resourceType": "OperationOutcome", "text": { "status": "generated" - Pastebin.com when sending the data { "resourceType": "Patient", "identifier": { "extension": [{ " - Pastebin.com

@gael Do you have access to the openmrs.log file for the server? That’s likely to have the full error trace which would be helpful in working out exactly what went wrong.

I already found the file INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(117) |2021-11-09T19:29:58,560| In method Administrat - Pastebin.com

Are you able to upgrade the FHIR2 module on your server? I think we fixed a number of bugs between 1.1.0 and the current release 1.3.0.

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Hi @ibacher , I currently use the 2.4 platform of openmr, change the module to 1.3 but the module does not start and I get the following warning Error while trying to start module Unable to update data model using liquibase.xml. Module: FHIR2

do you have the current logs of what is breaking, what happens with version 1.1.0

this is the report from the openmrs.log file INFO - LoggingAdvice.invoke(117) |2021-11-09T19:29:58,560| In method Administrat - Pastebin.com the errors that make me mark are these INFO - SerializationServiceImpl.getDefaultSerializer(73) |2021-11-19T14:43:25,069| No default serializer specified - using builtin SimpleXStreamSerializer. ERROR - SqlExceptionHelper.logExceptions(142) |2021-11-19T14:43:25,074| Column ‘uuid’ cannot be null

does this still break

yes same error is repeated every time I send the post data in patient and in person

So, if you can’t upgrade to 1.3.0 (and I’d need more of an error message to work out steps there) the next best thing would be to add an “id” field with a UUID of your choice to the patient record that you are posting to the system. You can generate UUIDs on this site if you need some.

Hi @ibacher @herbert24 , I did tests with the openmrs 2.5 that has the fhir 1.3 module to which I apply the configurations that I mentioned earlier and the same error occurs when sending the patient data this is the log ERROR - SqlExceptionHelper.logExceptions(142) |2021-11-19T17:53:04,754| Column ' - Pastebin.com

Hi @gael, i am new here and was trying to push patient record from postman to openmrs (OpenMRS Platform 2.4 with fhir module 1.3 and encountered the same issue as you did. I tailed my openmrs logs as i was trying to post and got the same error - " Column ‘uuid’ cannot be null"

I managed to get it working by including an id in all the key sections identifier, name, telecom, and address as @ibacher suggested above.

With some reverse engineering using a file of a patient i created from the openmrs gui, I managed to create the patient records in json to use in postman which would have all the key details for my openmrs system.

Hope this helps in someway.

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Hi @mugerwae @ibacher @herbert24 thank you for your support and the tests are carried out and the patient is created, I have encountered another problem when using the put method, applying changes to the patient’s data, the platform gives me a 200 code but when checking if the changes were applied these do not apply

@mugerwae I use platform 2.4 and fhir 1.1 module I tried to update to 1.3 but the module does not start as you managed to update it

Hi @gael, i experienced the same issue with updating and failed to resolve it. It is a strange issue when you update simple elements that are not nested like and these update successfully. When you update a complex (arrays / list ) elements like which has an id, the transaction is successful like you said but the element is not updated. I tried using a fhir server on the internet and the updates work successfully so i think this might be a bug or some parameters are missing that indicate that this is an array. Maybe @ibacher and @herbert24 can advise. I am also looking at a way of raising a ticket to OpenMRS but i am not registered on the Jira platform. Any one has an idea how we can request for support?

On the issue of updating to 1.3, i installed OpenMRS Reference application 2.11 which came with 1.3 so i have no experience upgrading from 1.1 to 1.3. Sorry am unable to help on this.