FHIR2 BaseFhirDao conflicts

Hello Team , has anyone experienced such an ERROR while Using Generic DAO and Service Methods to upgrade Fhir Data Access Objects and Service ?

I suspect there could be typo for the DiagnosticReport Resource

This is my Updated FhirDiagnosticReportDaoImpl

and Updated FhirDiagnosticReportServiceImpl

Thoughts @ibacher @jecihjoy @gcliff @sharif

@tendomart you can remove this code snippet from your ``` FhirDiagnosticReportDaoImpl and compile again,hope your FhirDiagnosticReportDao is extending FhirDao to

>  */
> 	private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
> 	@Autowired
> 	@Qualifier("sessionFactory")
> 	SessionFactory sessionFactory;
> 	@Override
> 	public Obs getObsGroupByUuid(String uuid) {
> 		return (Obs) sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().createCriteria(Obs.class).createAlias("groupMembers", "group")
> 		        .add(eq("uuid", uuid)).uniqueResult();
> 	}
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Thanks @gcliff , but actually I tried that earlier without much success ,actually run into other issues, don’t you think this entails totally unimplementing FhirDiagnosticReportDao ?

I suspect there are conflcts ,since is mapped differently , but much more there is collision with the **BaseFhirDao** Class and the sub-class **FhirDiagnosticReportDaoImpl**

thanks for the feedback though i dont think so because FhirDiagnosticReportDaoImpl must implement FhirDiagnosticReportDao as part of the contract

,kindly share your pr for a deeper look into this

@tendomart when you remove the code snippet to,you will need to use getSessionFactory().getCurrentSession() instead of sessionFactory.getCurrentSession() in your saveObsGroup(Obs obs) method

ok Let me check that. @gcliff

i have added a comment on github

Thanks @gcliff for taking this , i have added a comment on github

@tendomart To add on what @gcliff has advised thus far, you may want to look at a similar pattern here to see how to access the sessionfactory…

And for record I can’t seem to see the error logs you have shared via hastebin.com… I checked the ones of travis…Could you use pastebin maybe.

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Sorry @reagan i think hastebin link has issues, you may grab it at https://pastebin.com/aK7AAhZA

Thanks @sharif @gcliff for the feed , i’ll keep you posted of the progress.