Fhir URL for relatedPerson

Hello devs, I am inquiring about the url search parameter to use to get relationships aka relatedPerson in FHIR of a given patient by specifying the patient uuid…i.e https://openmrs-spa.org/openmrs/ws/fhir2/R4/RelatedPerson/?patientUUid=patientuuid

Unfortunately our wiki doesnt have this shown

And looking at this method it seems not specified…Or is it? @ibacher @dkayiwa @mksd @varung31

@reagan The search for RelatedPerson by patient reference is not yet supported. We can maybe do that for the next set of parameters for it. What do you say @ibacher ?

Thanks @varung31 It would be nice to have it supported such that we can enjoy it here for example Will have this post track it…You can create a ticket once @ibacher confirms.

I’m all for adding this support. I would suggest that querying by patient UUID is generally going to be faster than querying by identifier. /RelatedPerson?patient=<patientUuid>.


@ibacher @varung31 was a ticket created for this? If yes, could you share the link here for easy tracking?

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