FHIR Module FM-171

@harsha89 I am working on this issue where I need to add test data for DiagnosticReport class in .xml file. I find it hard to map the class attributes. Feel free to help me in this matter.

@madushan please go through the earlier talk archives on this matter. I’m not too familiar with the handler code as this is done part of gsoc project under @judy

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@harsha89Thanks a lot. I will follow them

@judy In this issue, LaboratoryHandler.java is to be tested via DiagnosticReportServiceImpl. What does this exactly mean ? I didn’t find any LaboratoryHandler class methods in DiagnosticReportServiceImpl. Do I have to write them? Please feel free to help me on this issue. Thanks.

@dkayiwaFeel free to help me with this issue . Thanks