FHIR Module 0.9 Released

Hi Everyone,

We are pleased to announced the release of version 0.9 of the OpenMRS FHIR module. This release contains the following enhancements:

  1. Upgraded to use 1.0 release of the HAPI FHIR module
  2. Upgraded to support the FHIR DSTU 2 Ballot version (May 2015 Ballot)
  3. Support for patient and encounter based operations
  4. Support to retire OpenMRS data using FHIR resources

This release supports Platform 1.9.8.

Next, we will be upgrading to supporting OpenMRS master, with the long term plan of releasing our module as part of OpenMRS 2.3. The next release of the FHIR module (1.0) will contain full support to create/delete/update/retrive all our pre-determined shortlist of FHIR resources

We wish to thank our usual supporters - Grahame Greive (FHIR), James Agnew (HAPI), @burke, and @paul.

Also, special thanks to the following contributors who helped with our Dev and QA efforts

Special thanks goes for @surangak who always behind this and mentor us.

Finally I would like to thank for all who gave us valuable feedback and suggestions to improve this module.

Module can be downloaded here. Following JIRA addressed in the release


New Feature




A lot of effort and dedication went into this work, and I want to thank each and every one of you, and especially Harsha, for pushing forward with this release while I was tied up with other problems on the OpenHIE front :smile:


Great work guys :thumbsup: Looking forward for version 1.0 :v:

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