Few suggestions

A few suggestions that might be useful if they are available in Bahmni:

1- In reports UI and instead of having pre-designed generic reports, can the user choose from a drop-down list of parameters then choose the dates, type of format, then run the report?

2- Can the prescription/orders be printed (e.g. for retail pharmacy dispensing)?

3- Can and How modules be/are stopped in Openmrs (Bahmni)? For example, I would use Bahmni for out-patient clinic only and would like to stop In-patient module.

4- Display icon name/tag when placing the mouse on it.

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1)Right now those parameters can be configurable. But you have to edit the configuration.Please refer to the following documentation. https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Release+Version+0.83#ReleaseVersion0.83-GenericReports And configuring those parameters from UI is not available in Bahmni now. 2) I am not sure about it. 3)Again stopping the modules also configuration in Bahmni.Please refer to the following documentation. https://bahmni.atlassian.net/wiki/display/BAH/Home+App 4)Can you please specify which icon/s do you want to see the tag/name ?

Thank you for the feedback. You have mentioned really good points.

I think you are asking about tooltips in Bahmni, where someone can see a tooltip to understand what is a link / button for. Right now Bahmni UI has been designed Mobile first, and hence it “touch” based, where tooltips don’t work. We may need to come up with some other way of figuring out how we can show better context sensitive help on Bahmni. Thanks for the suggestion.

To hide certain “apps” from being seen in Bahmni, one needs to set privilege with an app, and then give only authorized users those privileges. The link shared by @padmavati talks about that. Plus you can also then see how to give privileges to users here.

In OpenERP, when we validate the quotation, it shows a link which says “Print Bill and Prescription”. It generates the bill print out first and then re-directs to Bahmni for prescription printout.

@padmavati @gsluthra @akhilmalhotra

Thank you for your replies.

1- For reporting, can we replicate/utilize “Chart Search module” where you put any concept then a graph or table pups up? In this case, we could choose what format we want.

2- If prescription or lab orders can be printed directly from Bahmni, it would be better esp for those how don’t use OpenERP along with Bahmni.

4- Tooltip could be a solution, however, I prefer when you focus the mouse on a button and a message displays what this button is for.

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This is possible. Usually, one can configure to see prescription and lab orders as a display control on patient dashboard. Also one can choose to configure multiple dashboards with required controls and configure to print the dashboard. More about the configuration Is this what you are looking for ?

There are few places where this option is there… For example : In patient dashboard, Bed Icon. Please refer the screenshot for the button. Hovering mouse on it will show “Go to IPD Dashboard”

Thanks for your suggestion. But there is something similar mentioned below which are already available in Bahmni as display controls which can be configured on dashboards.

Graphs Flowsheet