Few functionalities on Administration Page

Hello Guys, I succeeded in deploying the war file on tomcat but on the administration page i don’t see all the different settings like HTML Form Entry , reports and the rest, though i am able to see and access the others such as Users , patients , location etc. what can i do so that i will have all the others added to the ones available.

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below is a screenshot of the options on my Administration Page

Thanks for you Advanced Help

Hi @eugene23, Glad to hear you’ve got your OpenMRS up and running.

OpenMRS is modular, so you need to install the modules for the functionality you need; for example HTML Form Entry, Reporting, etc. You can do this under Manage Modules, or you can copy them into the modules folder and restart Tomcat. If you want the Reference Application, you would install a whole bunch of modules, which can be downloaded in a zip’d file, which you then extract and copy into the modules folder.


Thank you very much @arbaughj I used the approach to get around with that.

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