feedback wanted: on openmrs-core readme update

Hello all :sunny:

I just updated the readme of openmrs-core and would invite everyone to read it and give feedback.

  1. I added pointers for new developers on how to get started and improved the looks a little. So if you are new please tell us if you think something is missing!

  2. If you know the codebase well you might have thoughts on what we could improve here

  3. I also wonder if we should add a table with the major release branches and the minimum Java JDK versions required to build here or if there is a wiki we can point to

Thank you!!

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This looks great @teleivo ! It was much needed and should help new devs get upto speed quickly and refer to primary resources from one readme file itself.

thanks, I also added a link to the openmrs SDK. Now I am out of ideas :slight_smile:

@teleivo i like this very much! :smile: How about adding something about developer stages and contributing via code reviews?

Thanks @teleivo for doing this

@teleivo How about a link to modules page where one can find the latest releases of all the modules and how to add these ( like copying the omod file to the .OpenMRS/modules directory) :slight_smile: One more thing. I noticed this when i was setting up the dev environment locally. There are quite a few no. of talk posts regarding build answers which have already been resolved. Maybe we can group all of them together and provide a link in the readme for people facing build problems so that new devs can try to resolve the problems themselves :slight_smile:

Good job @teleivo .It’s clear and to the point. It surely will help new devs to get started quickly. You may also want to add the command to deploy the war file using jetty I.e. mvn jetty:run and the similar command for Tomcat as well so as to add completeness to the build instructions of OpenMRS-core :slight_smile: .

thanks for your comments! I incorporated your wishes into the readme :slight_smile: