Failing to run platform 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT

Hello all,

Am trying to run platform 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT, after deploying the war 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT.war file in the platform server and i get this error when i run the server using the sdk which seems to be a failure to create the conversion-service bean configured in the openmrs dispatcher servlet .

Prior platform versions work fine

Any thoughts on what could be the reason for this failure or is it a bug ?

@ibacher @ruhanga @mksd @mozzy

Which Java version are you running ?

java 1.8

Can you clearly define what you are doing ? Are you manually deploying war file and using SDK at the same time ? how does your pom.xml look like ?

I manually deploy the war file of core i have built into the paltform server i created with the sdk and then run the server using the sdk

Why are you doing that ? anyways do you have


in your pom ?

i wanted to run the latest version of platform ie 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT using the sdk in order to test for some changes in core after building

not really

Hi @gcliff, please try checking if your class is rightly set. Try also checking your build properties.