Failing to claim an intro ticket from Jira

I am failing to claim an intro ticket from Jira, i dont see any option of claiming an issue when I click in the summary of the issue I want to work on. When I was reading through the OpenMRS Developer Stages on this link <[], one of the privileges given to dev/null states: Claim an intro ticket (or a non-intro ticket with assistance from a /dev/2+). How can I go about this, help needed

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Have you logged in?

Have you logged in on your profile on the dashboard? its then that you will see the option of “claim ticket” or " assign me"

Yes, I logged using my OpenMrs ID

Can you see the option after clicking on the ticket you want to work on?

kindly drop the ticket link here

After logging in, am able to access my account and also able to see issues that are on the System Dashboard. But when I click in the summary of the issue i want to work on, I dont see any option of claim issue

Are you able to see “assign to me” on your right?

@herbert24, its not on one ticket the problem is on all tickets. Have tried to use alternative tickets but all do not give me the provision of claiming issue

Are you able to share the link to that ticket here?

@jwnasambu, i dont see

@samuel34, here is the link:

for that ticket you have posted i can claim it on my side as long as i am logged in

check on the upper right on your ticket for the login button

Little did I know that I had to login again from the System Dashboard! I have been able to login through the System Dashboard and am able access the button for claiming the Issue. Thanks to @herbert24, @samuel34, @jwnasambu for your help am so grateful!!

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Am so grateful for your help

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your are welcome brother