Failing to assign a patient a current vist

i want to do a testing on on the database , and i have to add clinical notes to a patient. but its only possible after the patient has a current vist. how do i go about t. i was tryng to follow the directions from the ref app documentation but …its not clear on how add a current vist. coz wen i click the start vist link on the patients Sumary board,it doesnt seem to work @tendomart @irenyak1 @jwnasambu @dkayiwa

sorry, Have you tried the demo on this link its working well.

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yes @jwnasambu, the demo works fine. but i dont know wats wrong with my standalone

Nothing wrong just concentrate i have tried it out

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ok wat priviledges , and wat location are u suposed to be in to be able to add the clinical notes. c

Just choose any location but select register patient. Fill in the requirements for better results