Failing Builds that need to be attended too!

There are failing builds here that need attension , and cc @dkayiwa @cintiadr


This one failed with a pretty clear message:

[ERROR] Tag 0.2.0 already exists in the repo. Delete it before we can continue with the process.

Maybe you want @suthagar23 to explain what happened?

The refapp distro seems to be failing the tests, so it’s not something I can probably help you with.

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cc @suthagar23


Actually I triggered the release with new build from JIRA for a already released version of LBAC module. We can ignore this as it was already released successfully. Sorry for the mistakes.

Then by now, the latest release is Release-42 ( which was manually triggered by @dkayiwa. Thanks @dkayiwa

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@ssmusoke @ayesh are you aware that your changes caused this CI failure?

Hi @dkayiwa

Nope I didn’t notice that.

Seems like the appoinment shceduling ui update to latest cause the build error @ssmusoke

@dkayiwa, @ssmusoke

Can this be because of the build failure appointment scheduling module had.(npm issue).I fixed that in last week but new there was no successful build since 27 th.

@ayesh did you look at the travis build failure log?

yes @dkayiwa seems like selenium test cases are failing

@ayesh so are you fixing it? :slight_smile:

Hi @dkayiwa Yes I will attend them :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @dkayiwa

Hi daniel there are some issues am addressing currently It’s almost finished then I can have a look on the build failure issue.Sometimes these changes on coreapp which am working on may resolve the build issue as well.Will keep u updated.

Regards Ayesh

@ayesh did you succeed?

Hi @dkayiwa

I think stephe found the issu he mentioned u in the other thread.with the solution

@ayesh can you raise a pull request on the reference app distro,, with the snapshot versions of the modules that we have been working on as this may also be an issue why we are not seeing changes on qa-refapp

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Hi @ssmusoke

I noticed still the test failures are there.Can it be the reason for not releasing to the staging(qa-ref-app) by ci ?

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and one quick question @ssmusoke after the release module dependencies do need an update rightt?

For an example

this is registration app pom file.This has below dependencies if u look at the file


Like wise in modules, there are dependencies.If am right we have to update them to the latest snapshot (only the modules we worked on) for our changes to take place?

@ayesh Let us start with the reference application distro, for qa-refapp then move to the individual modules

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got it I will send a pr with the modules latest snapshots that we changed

Hi @ssmusoke

Stephe Already sent the PR for as you requested