failed to run the server

hi. while running the server with mvn openmrs-sdk: run, i get an error with the following

@deb The server cannot create the file on start up.Can you first of all give the details of your Dev environment.i can see you’re in windows?Thanks

However one of the quickest fixes is to remove delete the server and create another one. Have you seen this

thanks @tendomart. it workout without changing any settings. i run the “mvn openmrs-sdk:run” command over 20 times until the login page was displayed. i dont know if anyone has run into teh same problem when all your settings are right.

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@deb the settings may be right but try checking the version of mysql you are using.

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@deb it Always happens…in the initial stages.You’re not alone

that’s the developer’s world pal.

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