failed openMRS setup

Does it fix your reported problem?

I have not yet run. Another issue i need to confirm is must all this be run in the openmrs-core directory or i can just run the prompt in my hp directory

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Hello herbert, I am not familiar with Freenode. first I have created an account, but when I try to enter my details this is what I get should I address this

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were you see nick put your name then for channel put #openMRS ,the check the box were you have(i am not robot

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thanks herbert , am no in

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you logged in and sent me a message just follow the above steps then you will get there

which steps did you mean. i can’t see any

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you got off as i was starting to pass through the process with you

no i didnt. i am connected

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you are off ,are you able to access this

i am having trouble connecting to join #openmrs. yes ia can access

have you been successful on installing java and maven as per that link?

yes i have

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my connection is connect on freenode

hello Dan, finally theses are the fruits of the adjustment. what next then

So now your build is successful. Can you work on any of the tickets listed here?

wowoww, Yess and finally am in. special thanks to the one and only @herbert24. @dkayiwa I am now heading for that chapter now. Can wait :joy::joy::joy: